Shh.. Silence :
Anti-Snoring Application

Nudge away your habit of snoring.


Anti-Snoring App to curb your habit of snoring

Shh.. Silence works in the same way as someone nudging you when they can't sleep because of your snores,
just automatically.


Shh Silence works in the same way we do. When it detects a snore, it plays an alert which nudges you and trains you to not snore.


Shh.. Silence shows you upfront all the information that you need. A live audio graph shows you what is actually going in the microphone.


An action when repeated becomes a habit. Shh.. Silence uses this repetition to train you to not snore.


Everyone loves privacy. We do too! All the audio in the app is processed on your own CPU and in an overwritting buffer which means all audio is immediately discarded after processing.

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How The App Works?


Download Shh.. Silence from playstore and launch the application. There is no sign-up required.


Press the play button to start the application. If this is your first launch, you will be prompted to grant microphone permission. Do not worry, Shh.. Silence does all audio processing on device.


Check out the live audio level graph on the screen. The louder the snore, the higher the line goes. Adjust the two limits using the two sliders above the graph when you would want to be alerted.


Go to bed with Shh Silence running on your device. You can also lock your device while the app continues working in background. As soon as a snore is detected, a 'Shh' sound is played which nudges you to not snore.

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